How busihubs works

How to start selling with busihubs:

Step 1: Register an account.

Step 2: Click the “Create Store” tab located in the menu.

Step 3: Enter information about your new store and complete the set up form.

Step 4: Your store will have been created. Now you will have access to the ”Store Dashboard”.

Step 5: Click the “Store Dashboard”.

Step 6: Click “Products” Tab or the box with a +.

Step 7: Select which type of product or service you would like to sell and complete the rest of the information about the product or service you would like to sell.

Step 8: Click the “Submit” button to launch your new product or service to the Professional Marketplace.

It’s simple, busihubs has been designed to enable businesses and customers to connect with ease using our social media platform.

Whether you’re a visitor looking to browse goods and services, or a business selling, we’ve made it remarkably easy by allowing our users to buy and sell straight from their profile pages.

More about busihubs.

BUY – Anyone, including those not registered with busihubs can visit the marketplace and shop for various goods and services our users are selling.

SELL – Registered users can “Create Store” and start selling with a wide range of capabilities, straight from their profile. Including but not limited to: Goods, services, subscriptions, bookings, vouchers & a lot more.

CONNECT – Busihubs is an E-Commerce Social media platform, which means you can connect and network with other buyers, sellers or customers using the Activity Feed Directory.

PROMOTE – Promote and network services to potential interested people. Use your store link found on your profile page and share it like you would a website link – All Stores will also be live on Google, boosting your SEO.

EARN – By connecting your store to your profile page, it’s easier than ever to make sales with your very own payment gateway. Check your sales stats and performance with your own store dashboard.

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