House Rules 🏡

For any of those who do not adhere to the House Rules, busihubs has the right to either temporarily suspend or lifetime ban a user without explanation. If this does happen, the account will however be able to appeal.

  1. Keep content related to business and lifestyle only.
  2. No foul content or words used at any time, this includes images and videos.
  3. Have respect for others – help others to do better.
  4. No scams or re-selling of fake goods or services of any kind.
  5. Strictly no nudity or any sexual content, this includes sending others explicit images, content or videos, this also includes private messaging. If your business promotes good or services within the 18+ market, please complete this form first.
  6. All vendors are independent and sell their goods as private sellers. Busihubs takes no responsibility of an independent seller and is not entitled to issue any refunds directly, this is done via the vendor and the customer itself. We do our best to ensure a safe and secure marketplace but ultimately each shop is run independently of the vendor itself.
  7. We do not tolerate harassment, inappropriate, offensive, misinformation or suspicious behaviour from any of our users.
  8. Enjoy, have fun and pave the way for future businesses 👍

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