Click on the ‘Create Store’ tab in the menu and complete the quick registration form. Once completed, your new store will be automatically linked to your profile page just underneath your profile picture with ‘My Store 🛒’ Tab.

Your store is used for a centre point for your business and will connect to customers who can view more about the services you offer. These features can be set up using the ‘Store Dashboard’ ‘𓃎’.

Store Features:

• Sell Subscriptions
• Sell Products
• Sell Services
• Sell Vouchers
• Sell Tickets
• Sell Event Tickets
• Online Auctions
• Appointment Bookings
• Accommodation Bookings.

We have mixed Reels and Stories together to make ‘Reel-Story’. These are story like image or videos that are visible forever. Post like a Story, gain longer visibility like a Reel.
You are allowed to upload a maximum of 20 Reel-Story’s which gives you longer exposure for what ever it is you’re promoting.
All uploads can be accompanied by a link, embedded with a swipe up button which will allow the watcher to click and visit another website page link.

This is simple, just click the magnifying glass (🔍) located at the top menu, this will open up the search tab where you are able to find anything you want within the platform.

Busihubs is designed to connect businesses and customers together by allowing users to create their own profiles and interactive stores making it an easier process to checkout and purchase without having to leave to another website.

If that’s what you’d like it to do then, yes it can! Once you’ve created your online store, you can simply use your store link to share with others or even use it to advertise with Google Ads.

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